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Facing Fear written by Karen Lynn Williams, published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers is the story of Kiki's family, a family of immigrants.

A bit about the process:

From the initial idea (thumbnails) to the finished illustration, there's a continuous exploration to improve the visual storytelling. With the help of art directors and editors some things get changed along the way. Can you notice the changes in this particular image?

Leaving family and country behind to look for better opportunities is never a decision made lightly. Immigrating is a challenging process, not only physically but emotionally. Imagine leaving everything you know behind, with no certainty of anything ahead.

Facing Fear narrates how Kiki, the young son comes to understand what his family went through to give him and his sister a better life.

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2 Komentar

23 Des 2021

Such fun artwork and so expressive. I love it!

sara palacios
sara palacios
24 Jan 2022
Membalas kepada

Thank you!

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