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"Martina loves her tías—salsa dancer Tía Susana, flashy fashionista Tía Leonor, and loud, laughing Tía Alberta—but her aunts give her a headache when they’re around! Dreading another boisterous visit from them, Martina slips away during a party to the corner bodega. She buys a flower with a found coin and heads back to her apartment. While sniffing a big pot of guava, she plunges headlong inside and is transported to a jungle, where she interviews potential animal playmates—all of whom are too loud for her head to bear. Finally, she befriends a quiet mouse, and they bond over a love of imaginary adventures and hushed voices. As darkness falls, the fun fades, loneliness creeps in, and—in a scene reminiscent of Max returning from the land of the Wild Things—Martina reemerges in her kitchen surrounded by tías who can’t wait to hear her story. In this sweet homage to the Caribbean folktale “La Cucaracha Martina,” a young girl comes to cherish familial love. Colorful, digitally rendered illustrations have a three-dimensional, collage feel, exuding warmth and light and capturing a child’s world of imagination. Readers who prefer quiet contemplation to rowdy celebrations will feel kinship with Martina. Though the child needs some alone time, she’s always clearly an integral part of her family—a much-needed message that comes through loudly (but not too loudly!)..." KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW

Martina Has Too Many Tías, by Emma Otheguy. My third book with Atheneum! Out for sale on June 2023.

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